we can be flexible but never on quality
MIFLEX 2 strength is based on the total reliability of all its products. The assembly lines are totally automated and all the production is 100% tested directly on line on production lines designed and manufactured exclusively by Miflex, for which great importance was given to quality checks.

The more sophisticated lines can carry out more than 30 individual safety and specification checks, of which some made by means of sophisticated cameras.

Any hose found not to meet the exact Miflex standard is immediately scrapped.

Production and testing are part of the same process, so that total reliability of the manufactured product can be ensured.

MIFLEX 2 quality system complies with the ISO 9001 standard and its products have been approved by the most important International Testing Houses and by the world’s leading manufacturers of household electrical appliances.

NATO Reg. no. AH589
for scuba diving hoses

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