we can be flexible but never on quality
Over the last few years we have concentrated our energies on finding innovative production systems to improve dramatically the quality of our products as well as developing a Quality System able to offer our customers the best possible service.

In 1994 Miflex 2 was the first Italian company specialized in the production of flexible hoses for household electrical appliances able to obtain from CISQ the Certification of its Quality System in compliance with ISO 9000 standard. Today we are still the first and only Italian company specialized in the production of flexible hoses for household electrical appliances to standardize the pressure testing on 100% of the hoses produced, up to the length of 2.5 mts. Moreover dimensional tests on all the fittings were implemented.

Continuous investments in automatic assembly machines for the production of low and high pressure hoses, gave Miflex 2 a park of 14 fully automated assembling and testing lines, allowing us to reach a manufacturing capacity of more than 20 million hoses/ year.
In the last 10 years we’ve launched different new product families in alternative to the historical PVC inlet hose:

- The MET series nylon braided hose. Its total recycle ability and high performances made it the ideal choice for those manufacturers who need a top-class product, and are at the same time environmentally conscious.

- The Super MET series. The lifetime guarantee hose. It is the next evolution of the MET hose and is assembled with machined brass fi ttings which give maximum reliability to this hose.

- The MID series.
High pressure hose. It was born to be assembled on to power washers with working pressure from 30 to 160 Bar and to withstand burst pressures up to 600 Bar.

- The SUB Xtreme series nylon braided hose, with its patented double braiding system, offers a new idea of total in depth safety on the scuba diving market.

- The MPW Series. A hose for the World. This cross-linked polyethylene or silicone lined hose can be used in both household appliance and sanitary field, assembled on systems in contact with potable water. Its resistance to microbiological growth allows it to be practically used Worldwide.

- The Sx2 series. Absolutely safe.
The revolutionary assembly system patented by Miflex 2, which allows two hoses with same properties to work together, makes sure that, in the remote event of leakage of the internal hose, the outer one replaces it, reducing to nil the leakage risk.

The investments continue. 2007 is the year of a steady internationalization of the Miflex Group. The opening of the new production units Miflex SK Slovakia and Miflex Eurasia Turkey in addition to the historical headquarter of Villasanta will allow a dramatic increase of its manufacturing capacity, and furthermore to supply at competitive costs the clients who opened production units locally. Today we sell our products in 38 different countries.
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